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BCI Flexi Plans

Apart from our BCI standard membership plans that allow you to have one week holiday in the most exotic locations, we also have BCI Plans that offer you exclusive privileges of holiday with the luxury of complete flexibility. BCI Plans give you the choice of converting standard holiday week into points, allowing you to split one week holiday into short vacation options.

BCI membership with the advantage of BCI points gives you the opportunity to utilize more or less than a fixed week vacation, ability to make the most of longer periods of low season or shorter periods of high seasons using the same amount of points. That’s not all; you can also exchange your BCI Points with BCI Merchandise. So you can absolutely do whatever. With BCI points, options are aplenty. It’s for you to decide when, where and how you would like to use your plans.

What is BCI Point?

BCI points are the units allocated every year to the members who opt for BCI Plans. BCI points are exchanged with hotel rooms at over 100 hotels and resorts in India as well as BCI merchandise.

Once you opt for BCI Plan, you are credited with a fixed quota of BCI points every year for the number of years you have bought the membership plan. For your stay at hotels or resorts whether it is for vacation or leisure or business or pilgrimages, you exchange your BCI points with room nights. In this way, you pay in money only when you purchase your membership plan and enjoy all the benefits offered by BCI for the entire period of your membership.

Your Exclusive BCI Point Privileges

  • » Enjoy flexible holidays every year for 51 years / 25 years / 10 years at over 100 hotels & resorts in India and 6,300 RCI-affiliated resorts worldwide
  • » Complimentary RCI Membership that allows you to avail one week holiday every year at over 6,300 RCI-affiliated hotels and resorts worldwide.
  • » Options to exchange BCI points with BCI merchandise like Laptops, BlackBerry, LCD TV, AC, Refrigerators and Household Goods
  • » 50% discount on food during stay at BCI-owned hotels & resorts
  • » Special discounts on food at selected hotels & resorts, leading food chains and retail outlets in India
  • » 10% discount on school fees and higher education fees at selected educational institutes across India
  • » Personalised Travel Desk for complete travel planning services and tour packages
  • » The greatest value and the most flexible choices for stay at over thousands of destinations worldwide
  • » Options to go on a week long vacation or choose to keep it short for the weekend
  • » Flexibility to use your points for vacations or business trips as many times as you want
  • » Options to use points for one night too.
  • » Opportunity to advance a week from your next one year’s entitlement to enjoy longer vacations
  • » Exciting joining offer
  • » Easy EMI options

How to Use Point System?

To enjoy your BCI Plan and get the maximum advantage for your stay at over 100 hotels and resorts in India, you should know how to use your BCI Point System.

Once you become a BCI member with BCI Plan, you will be credited with a fixed BCI points every year for the number of years you have bought the membership. For example, if You have bought BCI Platinum Membership for Average Season (Equivalent to RCI White), you will be credited with 84 points every year for the next 51 years. You will be entitled to utilise these BCI points for your stay at over 100 selected hotels & resorts in India and many other benefits offered by BCI. You will have the option of using either RCI exchange or BCI point system in a year. To enjoy your vacation at RCI-affiliated resorts, you will have to deposit your weeks with RCI. In this case RCI exchange rules will be applicable.

Accommodation & Property Types

Accommodation types vary from hotel-to-hotel depending on their rooms, facilities, location, season and other features. You have a huge variety to choose from - with different sizes and features. These BCI points that a member uses depends on all these features. They also vary on the basis of how many people stay in a room along with accommodation type you opt for. BCI points system changes with the season too. This means if you are holidaying in a higher season, the number of points used will be higher and vice versa.


If you don’t get time to take a vacation out of your busy schedule, you can accumulate your BCI points / week up to maximum of three consecutive years. Your entitlement for the first year stands void if it is not used within three years from the commencement date of the membership usage.

RCI Exchange

In order to enable our members to experience enjoyable holidays and business trips around the world, we have associated with RCI. To spend holidays at over 6,300 RCI affiliated resorts, as a member you will have to deposit your Week in RCI exchange system. In this case RCI terms and conditions will be applicable.

Upgrade Your Membership Plan

With BCI Membership, you will always have an option to upgrade your membership plan. If you opt for Gold Membership Plan while purchasing a BCI membership and want to upgrade your membership from Gold to Platinum in future, all you will only have to do is to raise a request at customer care and pay the difference amount on membership fees of your existing membership plan and the plan you want to upgrade in. In this case, the prevailing price list will be applicable.

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